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CHAMPS membership is determined by audition and by recommendation from the school’s orchestra director. A student must be a member of the school’s orchestra to participate in CHAMPS.

CHAMPS instruction is provided free once a week in school, for about 30 weeks throughout the school year. A supplies fee of $50 per semester, or $100 a year, for each CHAMPS participant, is due by the end of September. Should this fee become a financial burden, limited scholarships may be used to waive the fee. Contact the orchestra director and Toby Blumenthal-Phillips, CHAMPS Director, for more information.

Each CHAMPS school has a parent representative who helps students set up rehearsal schedules and venues outside of weekly coaching, arrange outreach performances, organize CHAMPS recitals and help with the annual fundraiser. To get involved in CHAMPS, please contact CHAMPS Director, Toby Blumenthal-Phillips.



All CHAMPS students may attend any Salon Concerts House Concert for free whether or not they are performing at the concert.  The parents of students performing at the concert are also free.  Parents of CHAMPS students who are not performing pay the regular adult ticket price of $50 for Sunday afternoon and $40 for Monday evening.   Students tickets (other than CHAMPS students that are free) on Sunday afternoon are $20 and on Monday night are $10.  Attendance at the house concerts includes the concert and the post-concert buffet of hors d’oeuvres and wines.


[CHAMPS parent letter 2012-2013 ][PDF]

[ CHAMPS student info form 2012-2013 ][PDF]


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